Thrasher United Methodist
Friday, July 20, 2018
Open hearts. Open minds. Open doors.

Global Ministries - Choctaws Indians

Philadelphia, Mississippi

Missionairy: Steve Claris

Mission Opportunity


OPEN DOORS SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS is collecting maroon polo shirts

and khaki pants (any size) for the Choctaw School.   The Class has a big box

in their classroom, located under the Main Sanctuary,

for you to drop off clothing.



Native American

Many thousands of years ago groups known as Paleo-Indians lived in what today is

referred to as the American South. Native American Choctaw ancestors were likely

part of the Mississippian culture in the Mississippi river valley and settled the area.

After a series of treaties signed between the Choctaw Nation and the United States,

the Choctaws would migrate or become U.S. citizens.

The 1830 treaty that would sign away the remaining traditional homeland to the

United States was called the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek. The treaty represented

one of the largest transfers of land that was signed between the U.S. Government

and Native Americans without being instigated.